Academic Awards

2014-2015 College Park High School, Sophomore Class President

2012-2013 College Park High School, Academic Letter

2012 Knox Middle School, Teen Leadership Award

2012 Knox Middle School, Honor Roll Straight A's

2011 Knox Middle School, Honor Roll Straight A's

2010 Knox Middle School, Honor Roll Straight A's

My brother Edouard Bosseloo is playing baseball in College.

Click here to see his baseball resume.


Hi my name is Alex I am a Senior at College Park High School. Soccer is my passion. I have been playing since I was about 4 years old. I have learned a lot from my father who played D1 at the University of San Diego(82-83. I am fast and I am also a good passer. I am not a selfish player

I am looking to get a scholarship to play at the next level. Thank you for visiting my site. Below are some photos and videos of me in action. Keep checking back as I will keep updating the site regularly.

Playing Experience

2017 Played Varsity at College Park High School #1

2016 Played Challenge 99 U 19 competitive #10

2016 Played Varsity at College Park High School #1

2015 Played Challenge 98 U 19 competitive #10

2015 Played Varsity at College Park High School #1

2014 Playing Challenge 97 Blitz U18 competitive #10 I am a sophomore playing with mostly Seniors

2014 Played Junior Varsity at College Park High School #10

2012-2013 Played Rush Competitive U16 #14 played up in age group

2013 Knox Junior High Soccer #30

2012 Knox Junior High Soccer #8

2012 ODP tryouts was asked to join team out of San Antonio TX to far from Houston did not attend

2011 Knox Junior High Soccer #8

2010-2012 Played Rush Texas Recreational U14, U15 won State Twice

2002-2008 AYSO San Marcos CA

Basket Ball

Basket Ball Teams

2013 College Park High School #10

2012 Knox Junior High School #24

2012 Legends Travel team #5

2011 Knox Junior High Basketball #1

Basket Ball Tournaments

2013 Knox Middle School 1st Place Spring ISD Tournament

2012 Legends travel team 1st place tournament

2011 Knox Middle School 1st place pre-season tournament

Volley Ball

I am a good athlete, I played volleyball in 7th, 8th, and 9th grade. I am going to stop to concentrate on Soccer. Here are my Jersey numbers 7, 10 and 14.


2012 Knox Middle School 7th grade MVP


I did track in 7th and 8th grade. I have been asked by the High school coach to come out for track but at this point I am just focusing on soccer. I participated in the triple jump.


Alex Bosseloo